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Snowy day at Project Consultant’s home

This post demonstrates how someone using Twitpic to post photos directly to Twitter can also share their Twitpic photos in a blog posting.  The Twitpic site allows you to copy a small bit of HTML and paste it straight into your blog post- you don’t need to know anything about the HTML, just copy-n-paste.  The photo here also links back to the Twitpic page it lives on, so you can look at it and other Twitpics the person has shared.

1st of 3 photos of my back court in Govanhill #uksnow - it's ... on TwitPic

View of snowfall at back of morageyrie's flat, 9 Feb. 2009, Glasgow

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  1. Twitpic? as in a picture form twitter?

    Comment by cheriewoolmer | February 9, 2009

  2. Indeed: you sometimes see people have Tweeted a URL that starts http://twitpic … it’s very easy, you can log into Twitpic with your Twitter id, and upload a photo; it goes straight to Twitter with any text you want to add to the tweet. People do it at conferences that are being amplified via Twitter- add the right tag and it becomes part of that conference’s feed, etc. You can upload a photo straight from your phone if you can email from your phone too. And Twitpic gives you a bit of HTML code you can cut and paste straight into a blog posting to show your photo their, which is what I did.

    Comment by morageyrie | February 9, 2009

  3. Hey Cherie and Sarah,

    like the site like the name – well done for all your hard work! I am snowed under at the mo but will try and have a good and proper look/play at it by the end of the week.
    keep you posted.

    Comment by lesley | February 10, 2009

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