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Enhancement Theme Conference 2009

Hi everyone,

It was nice to see some of you at the Enhancement conference last week.  I particularly enjoyed the presentation from Paul Redmond, Head of Careers Service at University of Liverpool. It focused on understanding “Generation Y”. I found it quite heartening that the upcoming generation don’t seem to be as obsessed with earning money (as perhaps Generation X!) and that they still value face to face contact………it isn’t all about the mobile phone and Facebook then!

I think the conference organisers said they were planning to pod cast the presentations.  Paul’s isn’t on the conference website just yet but keep having a look. If you didn’t see it, then I’d highly recommend viewing it when it appears. Paul’s delivery was fantastic….just what was needed at the end of a two day conference. Here is the You tube video he used in his presentation.

I’m interested to know what other ECs thought of the event overall from an Employability perspective. I found it gave a helpful profile to our work (and helped demonstrate the links with Graduate Attributes) but was somewhat disappointed that it didn’t do more to encourage discussion about the integration with other themes. I picked up hints from others at the conference that the lack of focus on this latter point was more than a little frustrating and gave out the wrong message.

Any other views?


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  1. Thanks for posting this Cherie. We’ve just completed two of the four geographical co-ordinators’ introductory workshops, and this conference was talked about at both. That keynote you mention sounds well worth a listen: what struck me was how participating in this project might help employability co-ordinators to better engage with gen Y and gen millennium students (and staff for that matter!). Just by beginning to understand the benefits of the Web2y world a lot of them are immersed in.

    A style note some might find useful: it’s possible to easily hyperlink a URL or a bit of text in your post- just use the “link” button at the top of the post editor, easy peasy.

    Also- I’ve had a look at the YouTube video you posted the link to: you could embed that in your post! Some YouTube videos allow embedding right there in the page, and this is one of them. Go to the YouTube page for the video, and copy everything in the “Embed” box. Then just paste that into your post. Save it as a draft and click on “Preview” to make sure it’s embedded correctly- then go back and click “Publish”. It’s really cool- I know you’ll want to try for yourself though so I ain’t gonna do it for ya 🙂

    Comment by morageyrie | March 12, 2009

  2. I followed your instructions and it was really easy. I didn’t realise you could do this!

    The only additional step (that wasn’t obvious to me) was that I had to click on the add video icon (there are four or five above the text box for writing your blog) and then click the tab [add URL].

    The rest is straight forward. It has given me an idea about some other video based learning resources that I could post and invite others to comment on.

    Comment by cheriewoolmer | March 13, 2009

  3. Yeah: you just discovered another, easier way to do it! When I copied in the “embed video” code from YouTube, WordPress just somehow automatically did what you described as happening when you clicked “add video”. So I missed seeing that feature altogether.

    The nice thing about the “add video” feature is that it allows you to embed videos in your posts from a number of sources, not just YouTube. Including your own video files I think.

    Worth writing a HowTo post on, but for now will add tags to this post so folk can view these comments.

    Perfect example of collaborative learning 🙂

    Comment by morageyrie | March 13, 2009

  4. I agree with Cherie that the Paul Redmond was a brilliant way to end the conference. I learned a lot and think that this research has major significance for HE and employers. I also agree that joining things up is just a tad important re the various themes…I feel that at least the ECs are trying to do this!!!

    Comment by Fiona | March 30, 2009

  5. I think that everybody liked Paul’s presentation at the end of 2 days of talking and writing bullet point on flip charts.It certainly lifted the spirit on a Friday afternoon. My problem with the conference was that it didn’t really reach the people it needs to reach’ i.e. ‘practising’ subject specialists who can actually put new ideas into their daily practice with their students. If we want to make a difference to the the quality of learning and teaching in HE, educational developers like us need to talk to them rather than just each other. My workshop was aimed at these practitioners but only very few of my participants were. We need to ask who these Enhancement Conferences are for. I must admit that I didn’t pay any attention to them either when I was a practitioner. What can be done to make them more exciting?

    Comment by Sabine | March 30, 2009

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