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A Project of the Scottish Employability Co-ordinators' Network

Planning our trials of Web 2.0 tools

The SHEEN Sharing Development Group is having a one-day workshop to plan the SHEEN Sharing trials of Web 2.0 tools. We now have a date and venue:

St Andrews University, April 6th 2009.

Many thanks to Pam Andrew for organising this so quickly. I’ll have more details about exact venue, directions, maps etc. soon: watch this space.

Re transport: anyone who is coming by train can meet Cherie and I at Dundee Station and we’ll share a taxi to St Andrews. I’d also like to hear from people re what they think is a good start time, so folk can get there easily from all around the country. Just had our ECN Northern Co-ordinators’ Meeting today in Aberdeen and am thus very aware of travel distances and making things easy on folk.

A few further notes:

    Employability Co-ordinators who aren’t formally part of the SHEEN Sharing Development Group are welcome to come: please RSVP to me: sarah.currier [at]
    It would be great if folk could come for the whole day so we have time to really explore the best options for this most important part of the SHEEN Sharing Project. However, you are welcome to attend for only half the day if that’s all you can manage. Again, let me know; it’ll be important for catering lunch if nothing else.

More details to follow. A few ideas that have emerged now that I’ve had three of the four geographical introductory meetings with Coordinators:

    We will probably try to do the training/kickoff sessions for the trials face-to-face again with me travelling to relevant locations, but after that we might like to look at trialling some webinar or webconferencing tool to have regular check-ins, clinics and evaluation meetings throughout the trials. Ideas of favourite tools welcome.
    We will look at appropriate groupings or interests around which to build different trial groups. For instance, I’ll be meeting with Fiona Boyle about using the Volunteering Project as one group to trial some stuff, and talking with Joy Perkins at Aberdeen University about doing the same with the International PDP Project (sorry Joy, don’t have the exact project name to hand!). Any other ideas?
    We could have a look at involving interested people who aren’t formally designated Employability Co-ordinators but who have a keen interest in the work, e.g. James Dunphy at Robert Gordon University has some local academic contacts he think might be interested.

I’ll be reporting back on the results of my Web 2.0 review and requirements gathering work very soon. The final ECN Coordinators’ Introductory Meeting is this Friday in Glasgow, after which I’ll be asking the Coordinators who haven’t managed to make one of the meetings to fill in the survey online.

I’ve also interviewed folk from similar projects around the UK to glean their experience, alongside reading project outputs and things. I’ve had some great ideas from them as well as a lot of validation that our approach is sound. Thanks to George Roberts of the JISC EMERGE project, Richard Hall of the De Montfort University Learning Exchanges project, and Sheila MacNeill of JISC CETIS, a veteran of supporting Web2.0y projects and programmes.

We may get some feedback at the SHEEN Steering Group meeting on Friday as well, where they will be reviewing our Project Plan and progress to date. Busy day for Cherie and I, Friday- bit of running to the train station between meetings! Looking forward to seeing the West of Scotland Coordinators (plus one Edinburgher who couldn’t make the Edinburgh meeting). If anyone else wants to come please let me know.

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