SHEEN Sharing

A Project of the Scottish Employability Co-ordinators' Network

Scottish Employability Projects

The SHEEN Sharing project worked from Jan. 2009 to Feb. 2010 to develop the Scottish Employability Coordinators’ Network as a community of practice, and to enhance their resource sharing, recommendation and dissemination skills and activities. One of the early activities of the project was to try to form project sub-groups to investigate different requirements and trial different Web tools. This page, and the individual group pages, were a focal point for this activity.

However, as it turned out, the project and the ECN did not have the capacity within the project’s short timeframe to carry out sub-group trials. These pages remain as a record of this activity.

This page lists the projects and groups that are working with SHEEN Sharing to support their dissemination, resource sharing and community development.

After the SHEEN Sharing Tools Trials Planning Meeting on April 6th 2009, the following groups emerged, including SFC-funded sister projects to SHEEN Sharing, and interest groups wanting to utilise SHEEN Sharing resources.  The links below are to individual pages for these groups here on the SHEEN Sharing blog.  Follow these links to get more information on these projects and how to take part in them and find out what they are doing.

There’s a trial group for the whole ECN Community, intended to be an overarching communications and dissemination space.

Action Learning Sets Trial Group

E-Portfolios Trial Group

PDP for Taught International Post-Grads Project Trial Group

Sharing Student Experiences Trial Group

Voluntary Sector Project Trial Group (SHEEN Placements)

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