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SHEEN Sharing Trials

We had a well-attended SHEEN Sharing meeting on April 6th, with the remit of planning the Web2.0 resource sharing trials for the project. We were hosted most warmly by Pam Andrew at St Andrews University, which involved, for me, a lovely taxi journey from Dundee wherein I got to see a part of Scotland I’ve not seen before.

Slides from this meeting are available on SlideShare and Scribd (as a project document- also linked from the Scribd Project Documents feed in the far right-hand column). Part of what the slides show is a brief summary of the project’s findings so far. They also detail the project trial groups decided on at the meeting; we added details to the actual slides as we went. See the bottom of this post where the SlideShare version is embedded as a slidecast.

What follows is a list of the trials groups we came up with, the group leader or champion for each and a link to each trial groups webpage on this blog. What we need to do next is set up kick-off meetings for each group, where I will come visit the group, help them ascertain exactly what tools they will trial and how, and most importantly, get them set up and trained on the tools. If you are interested in being involved in one of these groups, please contact the group lead directly via email. We also welcome comments and feedback here on the blog.

SHEEN Sharing Tools Trials Groups

ECN Community Trial Group
Who will be lead? Sarah Currier, SHEEN Sharing Project Consultant, to the end of the project; exit strategy will need to be developed for after Sarah finishes. E-mail sarah [dot] currier [at] gmail [dot] com

Action Learning Sets Trial Group
Cherie Woolmer noted that she and several others would be attending an Action Learning Sets training the following day, and was interested in investigating whether anything SHEEN Sharing was doing would be able to facilitate this approach.

Who will be lead? Cherie Woolmer, Strathclyde University. Email Cherie at cherie [dot] woolmer [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk

Sharing Student Experiences Trial Group
Pam Andrew already has a wiki designed to support students in sharing their work experiences. She had a few ideas around getting SHEEN Sharing’s support in further developing this work.

Who will be lead? Pam Andrew, St Andrews University. Email Pam at pea1 [at] st-andrews [dot] ac [dot] uk

E-Portfolios Trial Group
Who will be lead? David McCall, UHI Millennium Institute. Email David at David [dot] McCall [at] perth [dot] uhi [dot] ac [dot] uk

Voluntary Sector Project Trial Group.
Fiona Boyle is leading this funded project, which has also recently appointed a consultant. Sarah met with Fiona prior to the Tools Trials Planning Meeting to discuss their requirements, and helped get Fiona started with a project blog and Google Group.

Who will be lead? Fiona Boyle, Queen Margaret University. Email Fiona at FBoyle [at] qmu [dot] ac [at] uk

PDP for Taught International Post-Grads Project Trial Group
Joy Perkins was not able to attend the Tools Trials Planning Meeting, so Sarah had a phone catchup with her afterwards about this project and how SHEEN Sharing might be able to help. Then project was in the process of appointing a consultant and a kickoff meeting still needed to be held. This would give the basis for deciding how SHEEN Sharing could support the project.

Who will be lead? Joy Perkins, Aberdeen University. Email Joy at j [dot] perkins [at] abdn [dot] ac [dot] uk

Slides from the Tools Trials Planning Meeting:

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Preparation for SHEEN meeting

A key task for this week will be preparing the project update for the SHEEN meeting on 19Feb. We will be notifying people about this test site, our use of blogging and will include the introduction to Web 2.0 applications.

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