SHEEN Sharing

A Project of the Scottish Employability Co-ordinators' Network

SHEEN Sharing Project

Welcome to the blog for SHEEN Sharing, the Scottish Employability Co-ordinators’ Network project on resource sharing and Web2.0. The project finished in Feb. 2010. This blog remains as an archive of the work carried out.

The project was funded by the Scottish Funding Council to support the ECN in developing their community of practice and resource sharing, and to ensure that good quality employability resources are disseminated to all the relevant stakeholders. The project will investigate and trial the use of a range of Web2.0 technologies in support of these ends.

The kind of tools trialled will include those for collaborative resource development; social networking; social bookmarking, tagging, rating and recommendation; and the use of group spaces for community support and discussion. The project will not be developing a formal repository for employability resources; rather, we will pulling together resources from a range of existing places. However, we will investigate the options for providing a stable home for participants’ own resources, which may involve future use of a well-supported central repository, e.g. JorumOpen and EvidenceNet.

The project is being managed by Strathclyde University‘s Employability Co-ordinator, Cherie Woolmer (based at the Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement), with the help of an external Project Consultant, Sarah Currier. The Higher Education Academy is providing administrative support and guidance.

The trialling and evaluation of relevant Web2.0 tools will be driven, championed and supported by the project’s Development Group, made up of enthusiasts from the ECN. However, engagement from the ECN as a whole will be sought, as this project aims to encourage and facilitate their active participation in sharing and collaboration as a strategy for moving forward after the end of the project in September 2009 (*** Note: The project has now been extended to February 2010 ***).

In the initial months of the project, this blog was a way of practising what we preached right from the start. It was both a project dissemination website and an initial sandbox for Scotland’s employability co-ordinators to start playing with resource sharing and community building tools that we hoped would begin to make their jobs easier.

Now, the blog is purely for project dissemination and feedback. The ECN is using Diigo to save, share, discuss and recommend their favourite resources, and Netvibes as a Web-based one-stop-shop, a kind of virtual repository, for disseminating these resources to all their stakeholders.


  1. I know this is not the correct place to put this but I am not sure where I should put it – sorry Sarah

    Nigel Royle, one of our Careers Advisors, is undertaking an SFC funded project on Labout Market Information. Could you help with the following:

    Hi All

    I am undertaking a short project looking at the use of Labour Market Information to inform course provision, teaching and career plannning within our insitution and would welcome feedback if you are doing anything innovative with LMI or have found effective ways to build in Labour Market information into academic processes. Also of interest would be any ways that Labour Market Information is disseminated to students and any novel ways of presenting HESA destination data.

    For the purposes of the project Labour Market Information (LMI) refers to market demand for and supply of graduates and graduate level skills. including the career routes and pathways taken by graduates as revealed in the DLHE Survey of Graduate Destinations and subsequent longitudinal surveys. Other sources are graduate employer surveys, vacancy data, skill shortage data, unemployment statistics when linked to skill/educational level and finally inward investment/ plant closures.

    I’d be grateful for any responses from across the sector

    Many thanks


    Nigel Royle

    Comment by Fiona Milne | June 18, 2009

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