SHEEN Sharing

A Project of the Scottish Employability Co-ordinators' Network

ECN Community Trial Group

UPDATE Feb. 2010
This “trial group” was in fact the whole ECN; the SHEEN Sharing project did in the end achieve everything laid out below.

First and most important is the idea of having an overarching trial group for the entire ECN community. We discussed at the Trials Planning Meeting the need for private sharing amongst community members, for support, information and resource sharing, and also resource development and practice development. Having a sustainable dissemination point was also of the highest priority; this blog is not appropriate because it does not allow either closed sharing or a very structured approach to organising and presenting resources.

Who will be lead?
Sarah Currier to the end of the project; exit strategy will need to be developed for after Sarah finishes.

What level of time commitment can you make?
1 day a week to September- may need to be more through May at least to get things set up; there will be a slight gap in other trials as the groups get going which should allow this.

Possible membership
Within ECN: Potentially all
Outwith ECN: Disseminate some stuff outwards only. ECN members of group only.

What skills do you already have in your group?
Sarah’s skills plus various skills throughout ECN.

What tasks do you need to perform?
Internal communications: Private discussion space, private resource sharing
External dissemination: Yes, sustainable after end of project
Collaborative tasks, e.g. resource development: Yes, various, TBD.

What tools are appropriate/would you like to trial?
Netvibes central page: SHEEN Sharing blog to feed in plus other blogs, repositories, web resources; Diigo / Delicious tag feeds. Now using Diigo as primary ECN resource sharing tool, feeding into Netvibes.

Regular (weekly) dropin clinics and formative evaluation sessions using freely available Open University webinar tool FlashMeeting, to end September 2009. Webinars monthly from October to January 2010, with some webinars also to be arranged, organised and facilitated by ECN members to discuss their own work.

Private discussion group, e.g. Google Group? or area in Netvibes? Now using Employability Co-ordinators Network private group on Diigo.

Also experiment with use of Twitter as an immediate information sharing and discussion forum.

What support is needed from SHEEN Sharing?
Sarah to co-ordinate.


  1. […] ECN Community Trial Group Who will be lead? Sarah Currier, SHEEN Sharing Project Consultant, to the end of the project; exit strategy will need to be developed for after Sarah finishes. E-mail sarah [dot] currier [at] gmail [dot] com […]

    Pingback by SHEEN Sharing Trials « SHEEN Sharing | April 23, 2009

  2. Hi
    This is amazing – I was discussing Netvibes with our Information Co-ordinator yesterday and she was asking for examples. I am sure there should be some way that we can work together on this

    Comment by Fiona M | April 24, 2009

  3. That’s great Fiona! Hope you showed her the examples I posted here: .. but am now thinking I’ve set the bar a bit high in terms of beautiful and functional design! 🙂 Still nothing like aiming for the stars, we might get the moon.

    Comment by morageyrie | April 24, 2009

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I would like to be involved in this but again my contributions will be basic at best to start with but I will keep trying new things!


    Comment by Jessica | April 29, 2009

  5. New developments as of today: we now have five of us signed up to Twitter: me, Cherie, Pam, Jessica and Phyl Meyer, the new consultant on the ECN Voluntary Sector Project.

    At today’s drop-in webinar I showed Gavin the Netvibes examples, which he hadn’t seen before as these were shown at the April Development Group Meeting and he hasn’t been able to find time to read the blog. I think these weekly webinars will be good for people dropping in to catch up on what I’m doing as much as vice versa.

    There was a lot of activity this morning: possibly people recognising that when the webinar is in progress is a good time to try things as they can then ask for my help and know I’m there?

    Comment by morageyrie | April 29, 2009

  6. Jessica also mentioned that she now has a Delicious account and is really getting a lot of good use from having a feed reader set up and working: I asked her if she could blog about this and her Twitter experience so that others could be encouraged and learn from her.

    Comment by morageyrie | April 29, 2009

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