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Your Blog Moderator Has Two New Employability Resources Published

Besides SHEEN Sharing, I’ve been working on another project since about May 2009, where I’ve been researching and writing some Web stories about the use of certain data services in undergraduate learning and teaching.  These are real world data services provided to the UK research community by the Mimas at Manchester University.

The thrust of these stories has been about the value of using real world data to teach real world skills to students, as a way of both deepening their understanding of their subject area, and increasing their employability in a number of ways.

The research I’ve done, which has involved interviewing academics at various universities and colleges, will be developed into more detailed case studies later this year and published on the Web.

In the meantime, here are two small taster news items about this research.  I did the research and much of the writing on these, but they have been edited and polished up admirably by the Web authoring team at Mimas.

Census data – from the real world, for the real world

Capturing and collating UK census data, the Census Dissemination Unit (CDU) connects researchers, analysts and decision-makers with high-quality statistical outputs. This real-world data is also of great value in learning and teaching – as students and teachers in human geography at the University of Leeds have discovered …

Helping economics students ‘keep it real’

ESDS International provides real-world economic data for a wide range of researchers, analysts and decision-makers. Today, this data is also being used in learning and teaching, bringing considerable benefits to students, teachers and society as a whole. Here, we focus on how Nick Weaver of The University of Manchester and Paul Turner of Loughborough University are using this data to teach applied econometrics to undergraduates and Masters students …

I’ve bookmarked both of these on Diigo and shared them with the Diigo Employability Group.

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